Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Friday, 5 April 2019

Something strange going on

I Like this book because it is all about lost  socks 


Rosy the robot

Once upon a time there lived a robot called Rosy. She was made out of a bike light and her body was made out of a cassette tape. One of her legs was made out of a red spring her other leg was a metal Pi;. She lived in a junkyard. The junkyard had old cars and rusty parts and some scrap metal. One day she went out to find a friend. She saw an old plug so she pulled some of her cassette tape out to make a smile For the plug. When They were sitting down half of the smile came off. Then Rosy got sad. First Rosy walked on a car And found an orange wire And electrocuted herself. Then she sat down. Next she saw a fan robot. Suddenly they held hands and then they became amazing friends. The end.